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Like any relationship, it’s important to have two-way communication. It’s the same when hiring a professional photographer for your wedding. We believe you should get to know the photographer or professional studio over the next few weeks or even months to achieve the vision you always desire. So, let us introduce ourselves to you.

On top of Europe: The ABC team | Jungfraujoch, Switzerland


A wedding is not always white, and each couple has a different vision on how a fairytale wedding would look like. Over these past seven years, we observed and captured the emotional journey of newlyweds and their family; a father giving his daughter away, a bride shedding joyful tears at a wedding ceremony, followed by the cheers and laughter that come at the dinner reception.

At ABC Studio these precious but fleeting moments of priceless expressions of joy and the look of bliss spreading warmly across a couple’s face make for meaningful photographs.


ABC Studio was formed out of a passion for photography and videography. We’re here to provide you with the best photography and videography services tailor made to your individual needs. We also aim to break the mould by making our professional services affordable and accessible to everyone.

Our team has been to a total of 400 weddings to date and taken wedding photographs and videos around the globe including Europe, China and other Asian countries such as Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Our studio consists of an experienced crew and is helmed by co-founder Cy Te, who won the award for the Best Director at the dir8tor awards 2014. We set a very high standard towards the quality of photographs and videos produced. Apart from weddings, we also offer our services to the corporate world. In addition, we cover events and produce short films.

Cy Te, who won the award for the Best Director at the dir8tor awards 2014

You can count on us to give you an experience you’ll never forget throughout your wedding. Take advantage of our free consultation service, today!

Now, tell us your story. Don’t forget to drop us an e-mail,, if you have any more enquiries. Make an appointment today, drop by our office or contact us for more details.